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Both Qobuz and Tidal have their own apps. I am using roon which can run on a Mac. Not quite the same use-case as the OP. I Bought and sold both of these secondhand for even money and I have now moved to separate components with a Melco music library. I listened to this combination at the Bristol Hi-fi show and it is impressive for the size. The alternative would be a Qutest but then both the 2go and 2yu would be needed, unless using the Mac as the source. Alternatively for the streamer go for a Pro-ject Streambox S2 Ultra or the aforementioned Allo DigiOne Signature – then into the Qutest this could just squeeze into over?

And not that expensive either…. The usual streamers are integrated, it sounds better than the mac direct and you can use the remote control on an iPad or android device.

I have the same set up, with a USB regen, feeding my and it sounds brilliant. Now got to save up for a power supply to make it even better. In December I bought a Chord Qutest. I had auditioned it at my dealers against an Auralic and some another kit and the Chord sounded about twenty times better than anything else.

The Qutest has really brought my system to life. Deep, detailed bass, clearly separated mids with no hardness and highs which are intricate and airy with no edginess or sibilance of any kind.

I use a CD transport but mainly stream from my laptop. You download the smartphone app [both apple and android] and it works just like the Naim streamer app, in fact it looks almost the same. Perhaps if you need to use Roon or Spotify then you may need a slightly different approach, but the Qutest is as good as they say and Hysolid is the best software I have seen and is free. For me personally less variables in the mix. So the DAC is in control. An option is Sonos and you can pick up a second hand Connect very cheaply although of course they are no longer supported.

The new Port is EUR This topic was automatically closed 60 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed. And yet it still sounds very analogue. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. Thats really helpful. Have you found a solution? Let us know what you decided!


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And not Roon Ready? First off, while playing music sounds fantastic. Fortunately, we’re here to help, with our full guide to this audio topic. Media player with no network.


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You are using an audirvana chord qutest free download of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or audirvana chord qutest free download an alternative browser. Thread starter ChordElectronics Start date Jan 9, Tags chord chord electronics chord electronics qutest cutest dac d2a dac desktop dac digital to analogue converter jd http://replace.me/2547.txt thief qutest qutest dac shadowaffiliate.

Prev 1 … Go to page. Go to page. First Prev 73 of Go to page. Last edited: Apr 3, Joined Nov 23, Posts 1, Likes 1, Hummer25 said:. I will be very interested to hear what the Qutest sounds like with the next m-scaler, certainly a large uplift in sonics. But if anyone has a better suggestion please let me know.

Click to expand Last edited: Apr 2, Hummer25 Head-Fier. Thanks for audirvana chord qutest free download comprehensive reply Christer, much appreciated as I am going to be buying the Qutest shortly. Nice to hear from someone who has actually used the same set up as I am intending to use although I will be running my Qutest into a valve preamp but intend to use MacBook with Audirvana.

I can imagine Qutest bridging the gap between Hugo and Dave but when the new m-scaler becomes available I expect the gap to be pretty close? I have listened to all Chords DACs at great посетить страницу as one of my вот ссылка is a audirvana chord qutest free download, lucky me! We have been wowed by each development along the way. When Blu2 and the m-scaler came in I could not believe the uplift in performance and this should not be underestimated by those who have not heard it.

My problem has always been once I Heard DAVE it is very hard going back to Hugo or Hugo2 especially as I will be listening to a full range system mainly and only occasionally headphones. I nearly bought the HugoTT but audirvana chord qutest free download I waited till the Qutest became available as this hits the spot perfectly both financially, technically and sonically.

I don’t think it will be anytime soon we will see a cheap version of DAVE made available so the Qutest fits very well at the moment. Joined Nov 27, Posts 1, Likes Christer said:. I перейти think there is anything special needed apart from simply connecting the Qutest via its full size galvanically isolated USB 2 port going out from Qutest into a MBP.

Anyway, that is what I have been doing for almost a month now since buying нажмите для продолжения Qutest here in Singapore. I use no jitterbugs or other questionable extra “cleansers” or re-clockers. At his seminar at Can Jam in Singapore last week, Rob very much questioned the need for such things with his dacs. Hi Christer, I will be used with an upgraded fully valve regulated Croft 25R preamp which is extremely revealing and transparent.

This is partnered with a Croft 7 OTL power amp. I understand the output of the Qutest can be changed to suit the gain of my preamp so this will be interesting. Most of the time I have spent with Chord equipment has been listening via a Chord SPM Mk2 power amp into various high end speakers.

Interestingly we have done quite a bit of evaluation regarding Hi Rez digital formats including DSD and much of the time ripped well masted 16bit sounds audirvana chord qutest free download. I have not been overly impressed with DSD material but have noticed some improvement on a few 24bit recordings. However as digital can do so many things better than analogue we are entering audirvana chord qutest free download territory in sound reproduction.

I once heard one of the top mastering engineers talking about digital music and he mentioned that digital recording was absolutely the best way to record music but getting that recording through mastering and then through the digital chain we have currently can often result in a very poor listening experience. Joined Feb 3, Posts Likes Has anyone played around with this yet?

Any audirvana chord qutest free download Joined Apr 11, Posts 72 Likes Joined Oct 12, Posts Likes Thank you for all the answers re using iOS devices as endpoints. I don’t even think I could reliably hear any differences between my old MBP plugged in or off battery. This time around it seems like the dac is indeed pretty insensitive to RF and whatever can unexpectedly turn HUGO harsh ,hard and thin and not very nice at times. The first couple of audirvana chord qutest free download with Qutest,there was a certain hardening in the treble on some tracks via Audirvana,which is gone now.

In the audirvana chord qutest free download I preferred the slightly softer sounding Pure Music Player over Audirvana on some complex heavily scored material. But now I listen almost exlusively via Audirvana with my Qutest and so far via headphones only with Audirvana chord qutest free download connected to my Benchmark headphone amp. I am not normally a strong believer in burn in effects and such.

But it has opened up quite a bit from the first week. And I am neither imaging things nor a victim of placebo. Don’t ask me why? I don’t have a clue. I just report what I learning adobe illustrator cc pdf free. I have only seen one review in one of the “British HIFI mags” of Qutest so far, and it seems they came to the same conclusion as me regarding the hardening in the treble at first.

Maybe they are not as deaf as I supposed after all? Cheers Christer still stuck in Singapore, there is just so much good stuff going on here for me to leave just yet. And yesterday violinist Alina Ibramigowa and members of the Adobe premiere pro cc 2018 vs 2019 free download, played Shostakovich’s equally stunning 3rd string quartet and some other Russian works at a chamber concert in Victoria Concert Hall.

FangJoker Previously known as “vegasf1”. I may sell my hugo 2 to a friend who would use it at work and at home. I would only use it at home so I don’t need to take it outside the house with me and I’d like a more powerful amp. But I also might regret a future poly type device as I want to build a music server, but I could also audirvana chord qutest free download one with a synergy nas.

That route might still audirvana chord qutest free download much more нажмите чтобы увидеть больше for home use than an add on music streamer for the hugo 2 plus I could also use it to stream movies. Last edited: Apr 4, I have 2Qute for one year.

I like its sound. But I’m thinking about upgrade to Qutest. Does anyone compare the sound of 2Qute vs Qutest? Is it big difference in sound? What is exactly different? Does Qutest have the same tonal balance? Does Qutest sound ссылка dynamic? Does Qutest have more instrument separation? Does Qutest have bigger soundscape?

Regards, Alex. Hi Christer, do you use the internal Macbook Drive or do you use an offboard drive for your music. Hello Hummer25, I am not sure I understand your question correctly but,I keep most of my music on portable Firewire harddrives.

From there the music files either aiff or dff go into ram and are played from memory either via Pure Music Player or Audirvana Plus. I keep most audirvana chord qutest free download music on separate hardrives mainly to save space.


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Apr 15,  · My suggestion is that you give the Qutest a fair audition, even without the aftermarket power supply and usb cable it would really benefit from a good source or transport. I personally use Tidal through Audirvana using a Sony Vaio laptop and iFi gemini usb cable going into the Qutest and it sounds really good. Good luck! Mar 31,  · Hello, New guy here. Just got the Chord Qutest and have discovered that track played at 96 or kHz do go to the next track. The name of the song appears but it does not play. I have to stop “playback” and start over. Did not matter the bitrate. or were no problem at all either. Choosing upsampling actually stopped the track about 10 seconds before the end. Without upsampling. Feb 04,  · On 4/10/ at PM, DeathFugue said: I just received a Chord Qutest, and DSD files are pure via my HP laptop with with either Audirvana or JRiver. I tried re-installing the driver to no avail. The settings for both software programs seem fine (JRiver set to Bitstream DSD–tried DSD over PoP–didn’t work, either).